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Our Activities

  • Collect and disseminate data about funding resources and financial support for cultural sector.
  • Organize seminars, conferences workshops on issues related to funding of cultural sector.
  • Conduct and publish surveys and researches on trends and funding policies.
  • Support the creation of professionals specialised in resources mobilization for the Arts and Cultural sector through trainings and apprenticeships on fundraising, project development, partnership and budget monitoring.
  • Offer outsourcing of resource mobilization and grant management.
  • Lead advocacy and campaigns about aid effectiveness for cultural sector in the MENA region and in Africa.


  • We deliver the highest quality of service to all those who use our resources.
  • We build partnerships that help us fulfill our mission.
  • We preserve our credibility by remaining independent and objective.
  • We build capacity, talent, and excellence within the cultural sector.
  • We embrace innovation and harness technology to maximize our effectiveness.
  • We make a significant portion of our resources available for free.

Culture Funding Watch Annual Reports